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Tools For Remote Teams

Google Drive

Every remote team must have cloud storage, not only if you work remotely, but also if you want to streamline productivity. With Google Drive, you can create a folder structure that is easy to use and helps your team members find the assets and files they need.


Working remotely there are always times when things need to be talked over or worked on in a more cooperative way. This can require the need for screen sharing or setting up team meetings.
This app can be used to set up a meeting where only the invitees are participating making sure there aren’t any unexpected interruptions. It also gives the option for screen sharing and has a smooth and easy to use interface.


Slack is probably one of the most popular professional chatting programs. You can hardly find an office where the iconic message notification sound has never been heard. You can create channels for different teams or topics, so every piece of information will have its own place.

Many global remote employees are spread across different time zones. With a record of what time remote workers are around the world will help them manage their work and personal life.


iDoneThis is a place where managers can keep an eye on the big picture to know what is being done daily. Team members will have to just check in daily, from their browser or via email. They can add robust reports and keep track of the project progress effectively. With remote workers across the world, this tool compensates the need for daily check-in meetings.


There are plenty of project management tools designed for digital teams these days but monday offers a more advanced set of features compared to some of the better-known alternatives. A lot of project management tools essentially redesign the to-do list concept or create “Kanban” boards but the likes of monday have built fully-featured management platform design for team leaders and members alike.