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Connecting to OpenVPN Servers

Installing Pritunl

Today we will see how to use a VPN client to connect to a OpenVPN server.

We start by navigating to the ‘Pritunl client’ website from our browsers.

As we can see in the image above the client is available for various Linux distributions as well as Mac and Windows.

For Mac or Windows machines we click on the Respective ‘Download’ button on the page in order to download the software and then follow the instructions in order to install it.

For Linux we start by selecting the Linux Distribution we are using and click on that tab on the page.

This will show us what commands to use in order to install ‘Pritunl’. We then open up a terminal and use those commands to install the program on the machine.

Connecting to VPN Server

Finally we open ‘Pritunl’ and click on the ‘Import Profile’ button on the bottom left. Then we select the ‘.ovpn’ file that we should have received from our administrator. The ‘.ovpn’ file will be used in order for us to connect to the server.

Having imported the ‘.ovpn’ file into the program we can now click on the connect button that shows up in the side menu in order to connect to the respective server and join the VPN.