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The most usable security product.

It’s time to forget about complicated terms to secure your company network. Just make a decision, define the rule in human way and we take care of the rest.

Creating a rule is only a matter of deciding on who is or is not allowed to access which resources.

The scope of a rule can be set from anywhere in between something as general as a group, down to being as specific as an individual device.

Humanized way of security

Say goodbye to the need for technical knowledge to manage your network. Managing and controlling the company network is now as simple as it is to explain what you want to a friend.

Have access to helpful insights about your network; from sites most visited to users most active, down to the devices connected to the network at any time.

Automated protection

Save time by not having to worry about updating or maintaining network hardware. Your network will be protected by using the most up to date security practices, leaving you with the question of what to do with that free time.

Having your network isolated form the outside world makes sure that all company resources are protected from unwanted eyes.

Dream environment for remote teams

Have all your remote team members working under the same virtual roof. With the security of an enterprise grade network, you can now share common resources with all members over the same network.

With the whole team on the same network; save yourself the hassle of giving uncontrolled access for company resources to each worker.

Optimized network experience

Tired of adapting to your network speed? Let the network adapt to you. LOKI will equally split download speeds among online users to allow a balanced and stress-free experience.

Applications for all platforms

Our applications are available for all available platforms; making sure you can access your network regardless of what device you may have at hand.

Manage your branch network

Worried about what to do with your current network hardware? Don’t be; you can manage your physical network by using our open source router software.

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