Network, simplified!

From only one laptop to global branch offices, automate and secure your network in a way so simple that anyone can do it.


Problem with traditional security

Security solutions are hard to use and manage as they are designed only for experts.

You are expected to buy expensive security appliances, hire tech guys to manage and configure your network in order to keep it up-to-date and secure.

Usable security

Security should not be that hard to understand. In the end, it is hard to protect yourself from something you don’t know, right?

You can set up a secure network in minutes without investing into hardware and without any technical knowledge using LOKI.

Start in minutes

Unlike any other security solution out there, LOKI is not made for engineers.

We have created it for you; the ones most in need of protection over the internet.



Get LOKI Connect application on your device.



Follow simple instructions to login and connect to your cloud network.



LOKI immediately starts to protect your devices from threats.


Semantic dynamic firewall

Self configuring security perimeter managed in a self explanatory way.

Understandable reporting

Inspect every aspect of your company network to see what everybody’s doing.

Automated threat prevention

Your network is constantly scanned for malware and intrusion attempts.

Encrypted network traffic

All traffic going through your device is encrypted to protect your privacy.

Network optimization

Your network adapts itself based on your habits.

Wireless management

Free router and access point software for your branch offices.

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